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If Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 starts on August 18, I have 719 days to prepare. This blog will serve as a record of my training and, because it is public, as an instrument of accountability. You're welcome to read this, but I am writing for me.

I'll set August 18, 2017 as the official first day of training. So, where did I stand as of that day? In the two years since my failed attempt (3 hours over time on arrival at Carhaix, eastbound) I have ridden very little, and eaten quite a lot. I was at 194 pounds in August 2015, and by Christmas 2016, had reached 226. I have slowly got down to 213. I have 5 brevet DNFs (one does not appear in the BCRCC database [shhh]), 3 complete 200 km brevets and a 200 km fleche. In early June I also completed a 200 km and a 300 km permanent. No riding at all from October 2015 through March 2016, and only 700 km in all of 2016.

Early in the year, I bought a smart trainer, and put a number of virtual kilometres in. I also started getting out on the road more, riding over 400 km in April and May, and over 600 in June. But only a couple of short, easy rides in July and early August.

Coincident with the end of my PBP attempt was the beginning of my studies at SFU. I joined the BCIT Education Council at the same time too. The MEng I am working on requires the completion of 10 courses. I did one each in fall 2015, spring 2016, fall 2016, and spring 2017. I was so overwhelmed by all of the comittments that I had to leave EdCo after 2 terms, and still was close to melting down in the 4th term. I was able to secure professional development leave, so in summer 2017, I ramped up to 3 courses, and will do the last three this fall.

I have been the organiser of a good number of brevets. Bridges for Harold in September 2015, Whatcome Skagit 2016, and the very time-intensive Peace to Parliament 1500 km series in June 2017. I had plenty of help on all of these (especially from Stephen Hinde), but they all burned up a lot of time. Between P2P and the three courses this summer, I once again found myself at the edge of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

And Dad died suddenly in an accident in April.

Clearly, I have been trying to do too many things at the same time. I have never been good at multitasking, and seem to be getting worse (or at least more aware that it is an issue) as I age.

My wife, Kathleen has been the victim of my overstretched agenda. She doesn't see enough of me, and when she does, I am often grumpy and/or preoccupied.

The last two years have been generally good (except for Dad's death, of course) but too damned busy and too damned stressful. On August 18, 2 years before the next PBP, mentally end emotionally spent, I got on a plane with Kathleen for Ireland.

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